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November 2014

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October talk

Edible Hedgerows was the theme of our meeting  on Thursday 17th October and our speaker David Whitehead brought along a goodly bunch of greenery and berries , many  which we have in our gardens and hedges.

 It was a bit of a revelation to learn that most of these can be eaten in some form – but that most of them taste pretty awful.   And somewhat startling to learn that Laurel leaves are a  potent source of Cyanide.  If you put them through a chipper the smell of Almond is amazing and you will probably pass out – at least. 

Yew , well known for being poisonous, has berries which you can eat , but only the red part – if you eat the pip you might soon be dead.

On a more useful theme, the leaves and flowers of  lots of other common plants and weeds can be used in salads – and don’t just bin that large Dandelion , its delicious.

Next meeting – Thursday October 20th , 7.30pm

At the Village Hall as usual ,  Vic Aspland, chairman of the trustees of the Birmingham Botanical Gardens and  prolific speaker on gardening matters is talking about ‘ A brighter side of winter’. Not to be missed.

Peter Rivers Fletcher 

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