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November 2014

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Civil War Cap comes to Upton

Upton House and Gardens plays host to Fairfax Battalia and their amazing authentic 17th Century camp on the weekend of 25 & 26 October.

Commemorating the nearby battle of Edgehill, visitors can come face to face with the sights and sounds of the English Civil War, with 17th Century living history.

Upton provides a great venue for this, with the campsite nestled in the trees and the long driveway providing the ideal roadway for marching to the sound of the drums. The use of Muskets with live fire and the Pikemen doing battle recreate the scenes that history tells us took place less that a mile down the road when the Royalists and the Parliamentarians battled it out on the 23 October1642. The outcome of this civil war created the democracy we recognise today.

Vicky Wright, Marketing & Events Officer, said “Fairfax Battalia provide a fascinating and exciting glimpse into history with their camp, costumes and military displays, which provide great entertainment for all our visitors and we are delighted to be hosting this event with no extra charge to those who attend”.

The Camp runs from 11am – 5pm on Saturday & Sunday 25 & 26 October.  Normal admission prices apply.

For further details call Upton House and Gardens on 01295 670266


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