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December 2014

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Over the next few weeks there will be numerous social occasions, concerts and church services as the long build up to Christmas begins – a far cry from the modest preparations of 100 years ago, when many felt that Christmas 1914 would be “one of the saddest Christmas Festivals ever remembered in this country owing to the terrible war” . It is also appropriate that this and every year, Christmas will give opportunities for people to think of others, and many charities are supported by people all across the country. At Carol and Crib services, collections will be taken for the Bible Lands Society, Helen House Hospice, Save the Children, Children in Distress and the Children’s Society, to name but a few.

Sometimes it’s difficult to sing some of the great carols that we treasure when we see the state of the world, but please enjoy them, as even in dark hours the Christmas spirit brings renewed hope. Some of the modern carols can also be quietly inspiring, as perhaps these verses by Shirley Murray are:

O little love, who comes again,
the Word made flesh to make God plain;

O child who shines, the Jesus light,
disarm the world this Christmas night.

No heart so hard it may not move,
no hate resists your open love;

Defenceless in our hands you come – to Herod’s power, to Mary’s home.
And all the wise look for you star, so I must follow where you are;

As you are light, so must I be, as you are peace, be peace in me.

On behalf of Martin, Jill and myself, may I wish everyone a very happy Christmas!

God bless,

Nicholas Morgan
01608 685230
braileschurch @ gmail.com

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