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June 2016

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Notes of the Oxhill Annual Parish Council Meeting

Tuesday 10th May at 7:30pm in the Village Hall.

Parish Councillors:

Grenville Moore – Chairman
Carol Taylor – Vice Chairman
David Hill, Sue Hunt, Stuart Whittaker 

Matters Raised

The Leys Field

 This is being advertised weekly in the local papers. There will be a contribution of approximately £26,000 under the 106 legislation which will be used to enhance a public space at the bottom end of the field near the footpath and behind dwellings on the Whatcote Road. 


The white lines on the Green Lane – these are to be reinstated as part of resurfacing works on the Green Lane this summer. The Parish Council has been assured by the Highways department at Stratford District Council that the foot path on Main Street has been allocated a works number and will be repaired during this financial year. Highways will be contacted yet again with regard to this matter.

Radar Gun

4 members of the community have been trained and will during the month of May using the equipment that has been delivered to monitor people’s speed through the village at several intervals. A report will be provided for the Oxhill news from the group.

Lorries passing through the Village via Main Street

Highways will be contacted to see if there is a legal weight limit through the village to see if this can be prevented.

There were no further matters raised.

Lis Stuart
Parish Clerk

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