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Notes of a meeting of Oxhill Parish Council

Held on Tuesday 14th January 2003 at 8pm in the Village Hall


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All Councillors were present and 12 residents from the village attended.

Matters Discussed: 

Postal Deliveries: A letter has been sent to the Royal Mail Warwick Office to place on record the Council's confidence in Jackie Hatton and the way in which she carries out her duties. We consider that she is a great envoy for the Royal Mail and commend her unflaggingly, cheerful, helpful and efficient attitude. This letter was accompanied by a petition from the village with 159 names.

We were however, concerned about the references being made that the complaint against Jackie was probably a newcomer to the village. This is an unjustified assumption and we would hope that newcomers to the village have not taken these remarks to heart and have not been made to fee/less welcome and accepted as part of our village community .

Finances: Expenditure for the year 2003/04 was discussed. Carried forward 1600. Items of expenditure included, Churchyard mowing, Oxhill News support, Insurance, Internal & External Audit costs, Clerks expenses, election provision, village sign. A precept of 500 would be requested.

Mike Collins has submitted Income and Expenditure reports of the Golden Jubilee event. This had been an excellently run event and we thanked Mike for the professional way in which it has been conducted.

Planning: Consent had been given to raise garden wail at The Old House Application for a single storey extension at the rear of The Hollies. No objection was raised. Application for a single storey extension at The Paddocks. No objection was raised. For information, details of new window arrangement at Medway.

Oxhill News: Revd Russen Thomas will publish his last Oxhill News with the February 2003 edition. We thank Russen for his hard work over the last five years. George Adams has kindly agreed to take over from Russen.

Gritting: Following accidents in icy condition, a request would be made to VVarwickshire County Council to include the C54 to Kineton in their winter gritting programme.

Electricity Interruptions: Following the electricity supply interruptions in a spell of bad weather, Warwickshire County Council were holding a meeting with the Electricity Companies to find out what actions they were taking to remedy this. David Hill agreed to go along to this meeting to represent Oxhill.

Abandoned Vehicle: Stratford District Council have still not removed the BMW abandoned on common land off main street. Clerk to pursue this.

Road Signs: Stratford District Council would be requested to reposition the ' Blackford Way ' sign now that it has been adopted as the official name for this lane. A 'Village Centre, Church & Inn' sign would be considered.

Freedom of information Act -Publication Scheme: The Parish Council had submitted a scheme for adoption under the above Act.

Proposed Future Development of Air Transport - Midlands: If you have an opinion on the proposed airport development in the Midlands you should write and express your opinion to as many people as possible. Ask questions so that they have to answer, closing date end of March. Some addresses listed below:

Rt. Hon A Blair MP, Prime Minister, 10 Downing Street, London SW1A 2AA.

Rt. Hon. Alaistair Darling, MP., Secretary of State for Transport,  Eland House, Bressenden Place, London , SW1E 5OU.  

Consultation on the Future Development of Air Transport in the Midlands, Department of Transport,  Zone 1/28a Great Minster House, 76 Marsham Street, Freepost LON 17806, London, SW1P 4YS.

Next meeting: is scheduled for Tuesday 11th March at 8pm .

The annual parish meeting is due to be held on 8th April 2003 at 8pm in the village hall. This is the village meeting. If you have anything you want to discuss please let me or one of the Councillors know, or just come along to the meeting.

Angela Kean, Clerk.

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