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Notes of a meeting of Oxhill Parish Council

Held on Tuesday 11th May 2004 at 8pm in the Village Hall


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All Councillors were present.

Election of Officers for the Year 2004/2005

David Hill would remain Chairman and Tom Heritage Vice Chairman for this period.

Matters Discussed

Parish Meeting held on 6th April 2004

On e item brought up at the Parish Meeting was the concern of mail being mislaid at the local sorting office.  To establish the extent of this problem would anyone who has had mail mislaid please bring it to the attention of a Parish Council lor so that this can be taken further, if appropriate.  


-    Chairman signed the Receipts and Payments Account presented by the Clerk for the Year 2003/2004.

-     Notification of the Audit had been received for completion 26th July

-     Mandatory Insurance renewal was paid and the Clerk accepted an honorarium of £150 which included administrative expenses.


-     Application for Dormer windows to front at Barnacre had been refused.

-     Application for Double garage to side and conversion of existing garage into ancillary living accommodation, Oxbourne House, was granted

-     Application for Conservatory to rear of property at Medway was granted

-     Application for Single and two storey side/front extension at Conifers was being discussed at the Area Planning Meeting.

The following new applications had been received and returned with no planning  objections:

Minor amendments at “Willow Ley” -  Carport and Store construction.
Two storey extension, “Old Church House”.

If you would like your views included in the Parish Council ’s response to Planning Applications, please contact one of the Councillors.

Date of next meeting

Tuesday 13th July 2004 at 8.00 p.m. in the Village Hall .

Angela Kean, Clerk  

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