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A walk around the Church


Memorial Slabs

In the aisle of the nave there are several ancient slabs on which the inscriptions are now virtually unreadable. The one in memory of Daniel Blackford, a local Royalist who fought in the Civil War, is reproduced in a frame on the north wall. 

Next to his slab are two of which we know less, but which date from the same period. Fortunately a full recording of monumental inscriptions in the Church was made c.1830 by the Rev. Thomas Ward, a local antiquarian, and is preserved in the Birthplace Trust Record Office in Stratford. He gives the wording for the larger slab as follows:-

In memoriam
Johannes Pippin Generosi
qui mortem obiit
decimo septime die Iunii
Anno Domini 1647.
Aetatis Sue 30

Reader if that thou draw
Est near to see, who lies
interr'd here. Summon
Up all thy Pitties to
Condole with them that
Peppen knew. For since
He is dead. Both Fri-
Ends and Wife. Wan-
ting Comfort and
despair of Life.

The inscription on the smaller slab, by the gangway to the door, can just be made out - at least in part - and reads:-

Here lieth the body of
Thomas Pippen,
the second son of
John Pippen
lately departed
October the 17th, 1646.

He is not dead but sleepeth.
Anno Domini 1646.

There is no mention of this family in the Parish Registers (with whatever variation of the spelling of their name), but it is not unusual for Registers to be incomplete during the Civil War period. In the years between 1645 and 1649, the Oxhill Register records only one burial

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