Oxhill Village Hall

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South Warwickshire, England.


Details about activities at the Village Hall will be available on the
'events calendar here'

Committee List 2020/21

Jo Collings - Chairman - (01295) 680215
John MacKail - Treasurer

Ali Sayer - Lettings
(VHLettings @ oxhill.org.uk)

Derek Harbour Sarah Bracher
Adrian Marklew Dominic Connolly
Rachel Beesley Geof Beesley
Hall & Equipment Hire Charges - 2020/2021

If you wish to hire the Hall or any of the equipment please contact
Ali Sayer on 01295 680451.

Please note that breakages will be charged at cost.


Business Rate Hire - 16.50 per hour inc. heating
Oxhill Residents - 6.50 per hour inc heating

Large Paella Pan & gas burner 30 per hire for up to 3 days

This site is maintained by villagers of Oxhill for the benefit of the community and those interested in the history, news and activities that make the village such a pleasant place to live.

Send mail to the Village Hall Committee at village-hall @ oxhill.org.uk.

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