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January 2005


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Oxhill Parish Council 

Road Repairs

This is to confirm that the Whatcote Road, between “The Little Windmill” Oxhill and “The Orchards” Whatcote is to be repaired before the end of February 2005.

Following Water Board repairs in Green Lane the Highways Dept was contacted to sweep the Lane clean and to repair damaged verges.  This work will be promptly carried out.  Green Lane is also scheduled for road surface repairs by the end of February 2005.

Roman Villa Site

The Parish Council has received a letter from English Heritage in which it reassures the people of Oxhill of the preservation of this important site.  The scheduling as an Ancient Monument does not remove the farmers right to continue cultivation and to this end they have agreed with the Hutsby family a minimum tillage method of cultivation.  This will also help in not bringing to attention the location of the site.  In future years other forms of management may be more appropriate but they are sure we will agree that the ceasing of both ploughing and “sub-soiling” in the future is very welcome.  English Heritage hope this will satisfy the people of Oxhill that those who are tasked with managing our heritage value this important part of their heritage and they are working closely with the Hutsby family in the future to ensure the preservation for generations to come of this rare and important archaeological site.

Angela Kean, Clerk

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