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February 2005


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Oil Cooperative

There was an item on “You and Yours” on Radio 4 last week about the village of Burbage and how the residents had set up a bulk buying co-operative for oil (now looking to do something similar for other services).

The residents interested gave their names and then negotiations were undertaken with the various oil suppliers to find the best deal.

The deal they got not only gave each resident a percentage off the normal price but commission (of around £500 pa) was put to local community projects. The residents phoned their orders to the supplier in the usual way so there wasn’t much admin for the organiser.

If the village of Oxhill residents (and nearby homes) would be interested in signing up to a similar arrangement I would be prepared to investigate the options available and we can agree how to proceed.

What I should think I will need are details from each interested household of their:

Name/s, address, email and contact telephone no.

Rough annual oil consumption,

Who their supplier is (so I can include them in the research)

Any other useful info

Carol Bowler - Applegrove, Whatcote Road.  680279  caroloil@cairdb.fsnet.co.uk

[May I suggest that anyone interested contacts Carol direct?  I have already informed her that a very similar group operates from Kineton and includes a number of Oxhill residents.  Ed.]

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