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January 2012

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OMG! (Oxhill Music Group).

Has Oxhill Got Talent?

The first meeting wasnít the best. Admittedly the weather was foul and the Village Hall freezing, but only 6 people, only one over the age of 11, turned up! Now, with a population of a couple of hundred, I was hoping for a few more volunteers. However, I do want to thank all the people who phoned me prior to the meeting, offering their apologies and their services. I look forward to seeing you all at our first rehearsal which is on Saturday 7th January at the Village Hall; children at 3pm, followed by everyone else at 3.45pm. Now, I would really like to see a lot more people on this date, whether you think youíve got talent or not. I have so many ideas, but in order for them to happen, Iím going to need a good few more volunteers! So come on down, on the 7th and join in - itís going to be all good fun!

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