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December 2012

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OWLS Annual Report

OWLS, rather like Nature Notes, has been rather dormant this year, what with the Jubilee and the Olympics taking up much free time.  We didn’t organise our annual photographic competition or our calendars.  On the plus side we have installed a barn owl box under cover at Nolands Farm, and if anyone has or knows of a Dutch barn or open-ended barn/building, we have at the moment a spare owl box waiting for a home.

We have had two brilliant talks this year; one on Swifts by Gillian Westray – I love their tag line “keep the skies alive”, and another informative talk by our own Liz Atkinson on Mucky Magic (compost and how to make it).  it you didn’t make either of these, I’m afraid you missed two very good talks.  We have some further good ones lined up for next year – watch this space.

We now have, with thanks to the PCC, a permanent area of the churchyard as a small wildflower and nature reserve, with a commemorative plaque erected at the Jubilee celebrations.  We have also agreed a managed mowing schedule with Stratford District Council to try and encourage more wildflowers on our roadside verges along with several areas within the village.  George and Gwyn Adams have very generously given 9 volumes of Birds of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa – The Birds of the Western Palearctic to OWLS to sell in order to raise funds.  One of the reasons we are raising funds is to finance the installation of swift boxes when the Church chancel is re-roofed. 

Look our for our first talk of the year by Karl Curtis from Warwickshire Wildlife on Gardening for Wildlife and Biodiversity on January 22 – put it on your calendar.  Also coming, our fabulous garden wildflower competition, inspired by Jim Saxton – watch his front verge next year.  See also Jane Smith’s piece.

Look out for Nature Notes back in the New Year.  A merry Christmas to you all.

Grenville Moore

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