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December 2012

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Wild Flower Competition

Everyone is invited to participate in the OWLS 2013 wild flower competition.  The aim is for you to give over an area at least 1 square metre (but the larger the better) in which to grow wild flowers. This can be either on the roadside verge adjacent to your property or in your garden. The areas will be judged during the summer and valuable prizes will be awarded.

OWLS will have a supply of wildflower seeds for anyone who wishes to use them or you can provide your own. There are several internet sites from which native wild flower plugs, plants or seeds can be bought and which give great advice (see ‘wild flower meadows’ in www.naturalengland.co.uk).  OWLS also plan to hold a talk about growing wild flowers in the near future. So come along and find out more.

Wild flower mixes can be chosen to support and encourage various insects, bees or butterflies – all of which will enhance the wealth of biodiversity in our village. Join in and let’s make Oxhill even more stunningly beautiful, colourful and environmentally rich next year.

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