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Our Town

Mike Collins, working as our Webmaster, has been having an email correspondence with Lisa Gmys in America.  We thought you might like to read it.  Photos of fair and town to follow as and when.

I have done a Google search on Oxhill and USA, but Lisa's town doesn't seem to be mentioned, at least not on the hundred or so pages I read through.  There are about 800 references to Oxhill, most of them either connected with old Oxhill inhabitants who emigrated to the U.S.A. or adverts for B&Bs.  The only other Oxhill with a significant internet presence seems to be the village in Durham, now, from the map, taken in by its neighbours.  Ed.


I'm not sure who I'm speaking to but our little town in Home, Pennsylvania, USA, is called OxHill.  We have a fair every year after our Labor Day Holiday and it is a simple country fair.  We are a town of farmers and laborers and we never even knew that there was another place in the world called Oxhill.  I'm proud of sharing such a name with England.  If you would like to see pictures of our little fair and town I can send some to you.  I find this very interesting.

Sincerely, Mrs. Gmys

Hello Mrs. Gmys,

I hope you have enjoyed finding our web site about the village of Oxhill in the UK.  If you have looked through the history section then I expect that you will have found that our community has a long history and often America settlements are named after a home town in the UK.

Oxhill in the UK is also a small community of approx 120 home surrounded by farms and was a community of farmers and labourers.  Increasingly though villagers now commute to surrounding larger towns and to cities such a Birmingham and even London.

If you would like to select some pictures of your town then I will pass them and your e-mail onto the editor of our village newsletter who I'm sure would be interested to use them in the future.

Best Regards,  

Mike Collins

Hello Mike Collins,

Yes, I enjoyed your web site about your village! I'm in the process of taking pictures to send.  In 2 weeks we will be having our Fair and I will email all photos after that!

Sorry for not writing sooner but around here we're trying to get everything finished before we have snowfall.

Thanks again, Lisa Gmys

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