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March 2012

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OMG! - Oxhill Music Group

Oxhill HAS got talent!

Jubilee Orchestra

A lovely little session was had on the 4th Feb. A few apologies were made prior to the meeting so we had to improvise slightly. But generally, a good sound is forming. The next rehearsal will have happened by the time The Oxhill News is out but the next one will be Saturday 10th March at 3pm and I will let you know where that will be taking place! But thank you to all Ė keep practising, especially the new songs Iíve given you!

Jubilee Choir.

Finally!! Feb 4th meeting really was a huge turning point. What a brilliant turn out! I am now so much more confident that we can do this! A huge thank you to everyone that braved the snow, and made it round to our house. After running through a few songs, the sound was already pretty fantastic and a tea break was well deserved. We still have a lot of work to do, but now there are more people, itís going to be manageable. Nevertheless, my articles in here canít all be good news. I NEED MORE MEN. So ladies, PLEASE kick your men out of the house for an hour or so on a Saturday afternoon to come and sing. I could do with so much more male support! The next rehearsal on the 18th Feb was again, fantastic. So much more confidence and weíre really starting to get familiar with the songs and the harmonies, so well done everyone! The next choir rehearsal will be Saturday 3rd March, 4pm at Struan, Whatcote Road. Donít forget, if there are any people that still would like to join, please feel free to come along!

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