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March 2012

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Vicarage Notes

Dear friends, 

Lent 2011

Deanery Lent services are on Tuesdays as usual - posters and flyers listing the venues and speakers are available at the back of church. All are made very welcome. Please put March 13th in your diaries – the service will be here at St.Lawrence’s. Please note that the service on the 18th will be a special family service, so the following week will be a communion.

The Pilgrim Path

I read of yet another celebrity going into “rehab” again – all very sad – and one wonders hoe people become caught in a downward spiral of drink and drugs. Is it a weakness in character, the pressures of life, or simply the inability to say no. There are challenges in life and along our pilgrim path there will be good times and bad. We need both to give and receive support at such times, and in the Christian faith many find extra strength. Bunyan’s old story tells how Christiania finds a moment of respite listening to the shepherd boy who sings about being content with what he has “little be it or much”, and how “he that is humble ever shall have God to be his guide”. Appropriate words for Lent, I suspect!

Best wishes and God bless,

Nicholas Morgan    01608 685230

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