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November 2012

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Guide Dog Puppies

Thank you to everyone who came to meet Lola’s first litter of Guide Dog puppies at our Puppy Open House in aid of Guide Dogs. Thank you also to those who couldn’t come but very kindly sent donations. Your generosity helped us to raise £141.30. Some of this money has already been used to buy some much needed puppy feeding bowls for use at the new Guide Dog Breeding Centre. The puppies left us at the end of September and are now with their puppy walkers. Four of our litter are being sponsored by Andrex to celebrate the Andrex puppy’s 40th birthday. If you are interested, you can see them on the Andrex Puppy Points website at


Our Andrex puppies are Biscuit, Georgie, Lexie and Leo. Please donate your Andrex Puppy Points to help sponsor them! Some of our puppies have been sponsored in the past, but nothing as high profile as these ones. When they were four weeks old, our house was turned into a photographic studio complete with a Photographer, Creative Director and Producer. It took them 3 hours to shoot 4 puppies, with a supervisor from Guide Dogs, Lucy, Alice and me all acting as puppy wranglers!

This photo took about two seconds to take and shows all nine puppies a couple of days before they left us.

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