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June 2016

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OWLS - Spring Ramble

Sunday 8th May 

“If you go out with the OWLS today, you’re in for a BIG surprise!”

Foregoing the chance to have a barbecue on the hottest, sunniest day of the year so far, a small group of us took part in the first of the OWLS nature rambles this year. We started with a leisurely stroll through the churchyard area which is under wildlife management. The spring flowers were in evidence, and there were encouraging signs that the management regime would lead to a good late spring and summer display. Among the trees was a rare whitebeam with spectacular silver leaves. We then wandered round  the big pond at the back of Bilton Cottage to reveal some expected and unexpected pleasures. There was a catalogue of strange nests and holes to be observed, and the children with us were quick to spot a disappearing moorhen. To be honest, we weren’t too surprised to unearth the skull of a heron, and the abandoned fallow deer antler - we had made sure they would be found so that nobody would get bored! – but we were taken aback to find very fresh signs of a large deer: droppings, technically known as “deer poo”, and a trail of hoof prints which again the children were first to see.

The absolute highlight of the afternoon, though, was a pond-dipping session in a garden pond. We all gave in to the childhood delights of stopping and staring, to see, among the pond skaters and water boatmen, scores of newts, both common and Great Crested. Be warned: don’t try the following at home: some newts are protected, and it is illegal to disturb them. Fortunately Grenville, our Newtfinder General, is licensed to handle protected species, and he amazed us all by catching with his bare hands a succession of Great Crested, common newts and dragonfly larvae for us to examine before dropping them back.

The net result of a low-key but thoroughly enjoyable afternoon was to be reminded yet again of the wealth of wildlife which exists within 100 yards of Main Street. Let’s all do what we can to preserve it!

Phil Brennan

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