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July 2012

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Parish Chairman's Jubilee Report

What a huge success the Oxhill Jubilee Celebration was.  Even the weather couldn’t dampen our spirits.  What made it such a success?  Of course there is all the “front of house” people, the cooks, the people who fetched and carried, the games masters

Grenville from OWLS plants the last of five buddleia in the Church yard to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee

who organised the entertainment in the field and a myriad of workers, all kept in line with the occasional crack of his whip – the ringmaster, the driving force – Mike Collins.  A massive vote of thanks to all these people, but I would like to thank and name a few people who without their generosity the event probably would never have happened.  Firstly, the kind person who gave a very generous donation to make sure we all sat down together for our Sunday lunch; Janet Gardner for the generous use of her field, and Colin and Jill Tucker for making the Chapel available.  Brian and Sarah for supplying the two magnificent hogs, and the Fox family for getting up in the night to keep those hogs roasting.  Charles and Nadia for letting us take the electricity from their house, and not forgetting Robin Teale and Ian Broderick, the two electricians, who gave their time and materials to make sure no-one went up in a blue flash, and Mick and Barbara for being there all weekend just in case anybody did!  Hugh Rouse for his driveway and electricity supply for the cold room trailer.  Then, of course, the fabulous OMG ensemble and Robin and Adrian for keeping us brilliantly entertained during a cold, wet evening.  There were the details that gave the finishing touch to the marquee, the bunting and the beautiful flowers on the tables.  Thank you Una.

Surely though the biggest vote of thanks goes to you – the people of Oxhill for coming together and supporting this event and making it such a magnificent triumph.  What fun we had!

Grenville Moore

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